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We’re Reckless Theatre!

We run riot with our hearts, out of our heads to create live theatre that hopes and dares to stun and astonish. We are actors, comedians, writers and artists. We roister and revel ensemble. Gazetted and ridiculous. We improvise with craft and care and sting and bite. We are wild. We are rowdy. We are reckless.

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How do I register for a course?

We have three types of classes at Reckless: Beginner, Advanced and Experimental.
Beginner classes are for improvisers with less than 2 years improv experience – that includes no experience as well! Our Intro to Improv class provides a safe environment to learn and grow while teaching you to play with confidence and connect with your teammates. We offer these classes when we have a number of interested students who share an available class time. If you’re interested in this class, you can share your information with us here.
Advanced classes are the core training program at Reckless. These classes, starting with the Reckless Intensive and progressing through to our Master Class, are by invitation-only. We do this because we strive to be New York’s graduate school of improv and we want to curate our classes so that we can teach to the highest level. See below for more information on this process.
You can be invited in by one of our faculty members or certified coaches by attending one of our regular Drop-Ins, participating in the Instant Team program, or enrolling in our Introduction to Improv class.
Experimental classes are open to any improviser with at least 2 years experience or three levels of training with another program. Register for these classes through our Training Page.

How can I get an invitation to train with Reckless?

We strive to teach to the highest level in our classes and are looking for students who are high character, passionate people with a genuine joy for improv and theatre.
The primary way interested performers can find out more about Reckless and be seen by one of our faculty or certified coaches is to attend one of our regular Drop-ins. These free workshops will introduce you to the Reckless style of play so that you can make sure it is something that interests you before investing in a class. Check out the homepage for the dates of our upcoming Drop-ins.
You can also get to know us and have your work seen by applying to Instant Teams, enrolling in any of our Beginner or Experimental classes, or by hiring one of our certified coaches to work with your practice group or indie team. You can also share your work with us by participating in Some Universe, Dancing with the Star Stuffs, or submitting a Fighter Pilot.

Do I have to take the classes in order?

Our core training program’s Advanced classes must be taken in order as each level builds upon the foundations paid out in the previous level. These courses are:

R1 – Reckless Intensive
R2 – Ensemble
R3 – Form-specific
*At this point you will be eligible to apply for Master Class, which is done by completing and submitting a self assessment packet. Those who complete the Master Class will be able to pitch and develop shows and audition for house teams.

When do you announce new courses?

New courses are always rolling out. Join our mailing list to be the first to know about all of our classes. You can also follow us on twitter @recklesstheatre

What is the average class size?

Classes are capped at 16 spots unless otherwise noted.

How does Master Class work?

Master Class is a launching pad for our performers. What happens from there is up to you. Reckless is committed to helping you achieve your performance goals, while honing your individual comedic voice. Some will find their place on a Big Fiasco or Riot team, others as a featured Duo that tours, as writers and producers, characters performers and hosts, etc.
Eligibility for Master Class is contingent on the completion of the Reckless Intensive, Ensemble, and at least one of our Form-Specifc classes. Applications will open prior to each Master Class and all eligible students will be contacted. To apply, you will complete a self-assessment – it is important to us at Reckless that our students not default to a system as the measure for their personal growth. We encourage each student to regularly take stock in their experiences.
Invitations to this class are not based purely off of talent level – because the course tackles a new form each class we look for students willing to embrace the unknown, remain unflappable, and who fully embody the Reckless culture of yes.

Does Reckless have a work-study program?

Students can apply for a work-study position in marketing, operations, design and outreach. As a boutique school, we have a limited number of positions and there is often a waitlist. For more information, contact tom@recklesstheatre.com.

How can I buy a hard copy of “Aerodynamics of Yes: The Improviser’s Manual”?

Hard copies are available at the box office.

What does my student ID get me?

Students may attend improv shows for free. They must attend two shows per class in order to advance through our program.

As a Graduate school of improv study – is there a course for beginners new to improv as an art form?

We offer Introduction to the Art of Improvisation as an elective – and this would be a great place for any one with less than 2 years improv experience to begin their training.

Where are classes held?

Classes are most often held at Reckless Training Center located at 527 w 29th Street, floor 3. In the event a class will be held offsite you will be notified upon registration.

Do you allow make-ups?

Do you offer corporate workshops?

Yes. Contact us here about rates and bookings. Due to the boutique size of our school, we do not guarantee make-ups. However, if you email registrar@recklesstheatre.com 2 weeks prior to your absence, you will be alerted if there are other sections of your class available for a make-up. Because our classes move quickly and are structured on involvement of 16 students, if the other class is full you will be able to observe but not participate. However, if someone is absent on that day, the instructor may invite you to play. Either way, your absence will be removed and will not count toward your two allowed.

How can I submit to FIGHTER PILOTS?

Fighter Pilots has a rolling submission process. All scripts can be sent here. Scripts must be no more than 14 pages with proper formatting.