Rachel Rosenthal is a comedian and improv instructor with over 15 years’ experience. She’s also a freestyle rapper. In addition to currently performing and teaching at Reckless Theatre, she’s led improv workshops and classes all over the world from Iceland to Hawaii, as well as here in NYC with Miami Ad School and The PIT (2014 Teacher of the Year). Rachel tours nationally and internationally with many groups including free-form team, Big Bang, and free-style rapping Hip Hop comedy team, North Coast, who was named a “Top 10 Comedy Show” by Time Out NY. She has studied at UCB, The PIT, ImprovBoston, and at Reckless Theatre.

Rachel is also a writer, storyteller and actress and has been featured on VH1, MTV, and on several podcasts/radio shows, including “This American Life,” “Risk!,” and WBUR’s “You’re the Expert.” The Huffington Post once called her an “improv whirlwind” but she prefers to be lounging outside somewhere with a glass of wine in one hand and a bagel in the other. Find her at www.theraeroshow.com or on social media at @raeroshow.